Trick-or-Treat Bag DiY's

We are so excited to share Halloween bag ideas from Taryn today.  Taryn contributed a darling Valentines DIY back in February.

Here is Taryn:

last minute halloween bags with a twist...

Every year we like to have a theme for our Halloween.  This year it has evolved as we've gone along.  At first I was thinking we could do tall tale characters that way they would be school character parade ready.  But of course my 1st grader couldn't figure out something that fit into that he was interested in.  My 3rd grader was planning to be a Paul Bunyan for school- easy lumber jack, my pre-schooler Davy Crocket- easier had everything on hand for that one.  So when my 1st grader decide he wanted to be a scout for school, but something scary for halloween night. We had to figure out how to fit everything in and without having to come up with more than one costume for everyone.  So here is what we ended on.  My 2 year old dressed as a genius for our first Halloween party.  The story goes that he decided to experiment on himself since he had all these manly brothers: a lumber jack, a scout, and an explorer.  He ended up turning himself into an evil genius and decided to turn his brothers into monsters.  So for Halloween night we will have an evil genius and his big brothers.  A lumber jack-werewolf, zombie-scout, and vampire-explorer.  Yes its a bit of a stretch I know but everyone around my house is happy about it so I call it a win-win.
So then all we needed were some new Halloween bags.  The old halloween bags I made for my boys were totally worn out.  I needed something simple and quick, but that i still loved.  I decided to buy pre-made canvas bags (at wal-mart) that way I wouldn't have to do any sewing this time around.  I wanted something Halloween-y but also something that was a little different.  I came up with a moon - werewolf, brains - zombie, red cross - vampire, equations - evil genius.  

moon bag- I just used items around my kitchen to trace one large circle and a few smaller circles onto my bag and then mixed black and white paint to paint in my moon.

zombie bag- I had some stamp making supplies at my house, they were a gift from my boys one christmas and they have really come in handy for all sorts of projects.  So for my zombie bag a made a brain stamp.  I then traced some evenly spaced circles on the bag and then used black paint to stamp the brain stamp i made into each one.  I them painted over my traced circles with black paint.

vampire bag- This one was simple.  i just used painters tape to make the outline of the cross, to make it easier and make sure my lines were crisp I did the vertical line and then the horizontal line making sure i pressed tight on my edges before applying the red paint.

evil genius bag- I put down some painters take to make a square to give me guide lines to stay in. I actually searched for images of equations on google. I found an image I liked and first copied it down in pencil and then traced it with a fine tipped pen.

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