DiY: Valentine's Salt Dough Hearts

We want to introduce you to Annelily Design's newest contributor Taryn.  We love her style and we know you will too!  Taryn is a photographer,  crafter, amazing party thrower, wife, and mom to four darling boys in Texas.

We love her Valentine's Salt Dough Hearts.

Here's Taryn with the recipe and her amazing pics.

First I made the Salt Dough. To make Salt Dough you will need flour, salt, water, a mixing spoon, mixing bowl, rolling pin, heart shaped cookie cutter, something to make the holes in the dough before baking (I used a chopstick, it was the perfect size).

My helper and I mixed 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, and 1/2 cup warm water.

Make sure and mix well.

 Then we rolled the dough out using some extra flour and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the hearts.  (When it comes to cookies I like them a little thicker, but when it comes to salt dough hearts the thinner ones actually worked better, and took much less time to cook.)

We then moved the hearts onto a cookie sheet and used a chop stick to make one hole or two depending on what you'll be doing with them after.

They will need to bake in the oven @250 degrees for 2 hours or until hard.  My thinner hearts were great at 2 hours, but my thicker ones needed almost another hour until they were ready.

The single holed cookies I am using for my son's pre-school valentine's party.  I am going to let the kids paint the hearts and then add a yarn string so that they can wear them or hang them.  

I decided to add a second hole to some for my own family.  I had each member of my family decorate one heart and then they strung them with a scrap of jute twine I had at home.  It made for a simple, personalized Valentines decoration.

*I have also used this craft idea with dinosaur cookie cutters for my son's birthday decorations.  You can see them on my family blog here and here.

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