New blog

Hello!  I wanted to introduce you to my travel blog.  It's called wander+eat+sleep and the idea for it has been bouncing around in my head for almost a year.  When I can't sleep I plan trips instead of counting sheep.  I'll still be updating here at Annelily Design, but I hope you'll follow me over at too.  Today's post is on flight deals!

Artwork Inspiration

I am always looking for new artwork for my home and has some great pieces.  I have a minor obsession with Italy and our home has a few pieces of art that we purchased from street vendors while traveling there.  I instantly fell in love with this painting from invaluable by Italian artist Attilio Pratella.  I accented the painting with a complimentary color palette of furniture and accessories.

Marshmallow Olaf

So I ended up taking a little blogging break.  Between having health issues I'm still trying to get under control, some changes coming up for my family, and our little concrete business getting busier blogging has taken a back seat.  

A few weeks ago we finally saw Frozen and my kids are obsessed.  We made little Olaf's with marshmallows.  Super easy!

Supplies: Black frosting or edible gel.  I used a sparkley gel.  Toothpicks, two mini marshmallows, a medium marshmallow, an extra large marshmallow, and a little carrot.  

I purchased a bag of these and used one for the nose.
Place the toothpicks in the largest marshmallow and attach the small marshmallows for hands.  Insert the nose in the medium marshmallow.  Draw on a face and buttons and your finished.
My 7 year old surrounded her Olaf with cotton balls for snow and a little umbrella.

White Gift Guide

Today's gift guide features white.  I think white is always a safe bet for gift giving.  I would really love to get that little Fuji camera!


Healthy Monday: Healthy Holiday Tips

You all had such great healthy holiday tips for our giveaway that we decided to compile our favorites!
I am thinking I need to stop eating all the candy corns I have stashed throughout my house so my kids won't find them.  

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone that entered our Healthy Holiday Giveaway!  Loved reading your answers and seeing your Instagram photos.  We will be sharing your healthy ideas on Monday!  
See if you won below!

Gold Gift Guide

Loving reading all your entries for our Healthy Monday giveaway!  You can still enter until Friday here.  If you can tell by the pops of gold on our concrete accessories I really like hints of gold.  In the past I've done color gift guides and will be doing a few more for the holidays this year.  I'm hoping to have my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, but we'll see if that really happens.