Marshmallow Olaf

So I ended up taking a little blogging break.  Between having health issues I'm still trying to get under control, some changes coming up for my family, and our little concrete business getting busier blogging has taken a back seat.  

A few weeks ago we finally saw Frozen and my kids are obsessed.  We made little Olaf's with marshmallows.  Super easy!

Supplies: Black frosting or edible gel.  I used a sparkley gel.  Toothpicks, two mini marshmallows, a medium marshmallow, an extra large marshmallow, and a little carrot.  

I purchased a bag of these and used one for the nose.
Place the toothpicks in the largest marshmallow and attach the small marshmallows for hands.  Insert the nose in the medium marshmallow.  Draw on a face and buttons and your finished.
My 7 year old surrounded her Olaf with cotton balls for snow and a little umbrella.

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