DiY Thursday: Last Minute Ideas for your Valentines

Our first idea takes about 10 minutes.  

Playlist of songs for each year you've been together:

Make a playlist with songs that remind you of each year you've been together.  I hadn't made a playlist on a CD for years so it's a little old school.  When we got engaged my husband made me a CD of songs that reminded him of us. For our 10 year Anniversary I made a CD of songs that reminded me of each year we've been together.  Last summer when we had a new baby we were obsessed with Friday Night Lights.  I put the opening song of the show on the CD for that year.  

Every year I give our kids a book for Valentine's day.  This year I found $5 Doctor Seuss books.

 Supplies: Book, treat, scissors, and scrap fabric.  Place the treat on top of the book, cut a strip of fabric, and wrap it multiple times around the book and treat.  Add a cute note or card.

Taryn used this darling printable for her son's Valentines.  She found the pencils here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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