Tips for Mickey's Halloween Party

For the second year in a row we took our four kids to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.  We purchased our tickets for a Tuesday night.  With your tickets you are able to enter the park at 3:00 p.m..  Guests that don't have tickets to the party must leave at 6:00 when the party officially begins.
My little Evie was Tinker Bell.
Here are some things that have worked for us at the party:  

When you get in the park they give you trick-or-treat bags, but they fill up quickly.  We brought a fabric grocery bag to combine our candy in.  

Bring a stroller.  They give out so much candy so have something to hang your candy bags on.  They get sooo heavy!

The areas that candy is given out are called candy trails.  They are everywhere in the park. 
The less busy the part of the park the less busy the trails are.

Don't just go through the candy trails.  The lines for rides are almost all shorter than usual.

If you want to see the characters get in their lines early.  There are lots of characters to see.  Some are at dance parties you can dance with.  The Disney Villains all do a closing act together at the end of the night by the main entrance.

Besides the normal fall/Halloween decorations they add even more during the party.

The best view for the Fireworks is in the area to the right of the castle.  
They do two Halloween parades and the second one is much less crowded.
It's at the end of the night so you can get good seats close to the entrance and easily head out after.
Our 1 year old fell asleep in her stroller by the end.  It goes until 11:00 on Tuesday night.  We came home with so much candy our trick-or-treaters will be getting treats imported from Disneyland!

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