Healthy Monday: Giveaway!

If you are needing a little motivation to stay healthy over the holidays here it is.  I met Diana of 
Livy Love Designs in February.  She is beautiful inside and out.  The same month I met Diana she decided to start exercising and eating healthy.  Since February she has lost over 70 pounds! 

 Her positive attitude, energy and style are amazing.  She seriously makes running and eating healthy look fun!

 She started off with little walks around her neighborhood, worked her way up to running a mile, and last weekend she ran a Halloween half marathon.

 For more inspiration follow Diana on her Instagram or blog.

To help you feel cute and healthy over the holidays we are giving away a $40 gift card to Lululemon.  
Details to enter below.

Giveaway Details:
To enter follow us here on Instagram and leave in the comments of this post how you stay healthy over the holidays.  Tell us about your favorite exercise, music, or what helps you stay mentally sane over the holidays.  
For a bonus entry post a pic to Instagram with  #healthyholidaygiveaway of how you stay mentally or physically healthy over the the holidays.

The winner will be announced Friday!


  1. Definitely drinking enough water during the holidays and letting it replace specialty drinks or soda is just one thing that helps me stay healthy.

  2. I try to stay healthy over the holidays by exercising and eating a lot of green smoothies to counter all of the yummies! I don't think I get too insane over the holidays but I definitely need some "me" time in the mornings and evenings!

    And I'm following you as utahcountymom/Kim Corrigan.

  3. I am staying healthy by exercising daily, keeping a food diary on My Fitness Pal and focusing on losing instead of gaining this year. Last year I gained by making way too many yummy treats, and I won't be repeating that again this year!

  4. My fitness pal is my best friend thanks for the inspiring story I need to get off my but and follow her lead

  5. I keep healthy by having only healthy did in our home. My trick with the holidays is substitution, when we have tasty desserts, they are made with healthy alternatives!

  6. I sort of have a one bite (sometimes three!) rule for desserts. I try to eat as much healthy food as possible and only indulge a little at parties, etc.

  7. Water is a big one! Drink 8-10 glasses, and one before and after a meal. And not eating anything after dinner. I brush my teeth and drink lots of water and eat nothing until breakfast. It's hard for about a week, and then you aren't hungry anymore! And yoga!

  8. I like to keep healthy as a family - we are all in it together. I do workouts with my sister and mom when they are in town.

  9. I try to eat healthy during the holidays by starting out the day right. A green smoothie always makes me want to eat a healthy lunch. Then I don't splurge too bad at a party. I also love taking walks after food-centered gatherings.

  10. During the Holiday season I try to maintain healthy habits by limiting myself to only 1 serving or 1 plate-and not going back for seconds or thirds!! It is tough, but really helps! And I love to clear my mind by doing some type of exercise, whether it is pilates, walking, being crazy with my toddler!, yoga, cycling, or my new favorite (hoping to help me during the holidays) is Cardio Barre!! And LOTS of water! (I don't like to drink my calories :-)) but a yummy hot chocolate here and there is worth it :-)