Healthy Monday: Energy Boosters

This week is my last long run before my half marathon.  I have been trying a few different energy boosts while I've been training.  Years ago I made the mistake of taking a Five Hour Energy right before a half marathon without ever having tried one before.  I thought I was going to die after it.  I was so sick.  If you plan to take any energy boosters always try them before your race day so you can see how they affect your body.  During my training I've been drinking one of these Pre-Game Fuel drinks before each run.  I have really liked it.  They are about $1.  I have a lot of friends that love Gu.  I haven't tried it, but I did try the energy chews pictured below.  

You eat them 15 minutes before you work out.  I noticed a difference at the beginning and felt really great.  About 8 miles in my stomach started cramping and by the time I finished my 9 I wasn't feeling great.  I'm going to try them for my 10 mile this weekend and see if it goes any better.

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