Healthy Monday: Favorite Running App

Hope you had a Happy Easter!  We made a quick trip to Southern California for my Grandpa's 90th birthday.  Have you tried using a running app?  My favorite is RunMeter.  It is amazing!  It's not free, but has great ratings and if your running a lot you'll love it.  You start it at the beginning of your run and if you are wearing headphones it gives you updates on your time/pace.  Otherwise you can just check it throughout your run.  Below is a pic of all the things it shows you on the screen while your running.  There is also a calendar that helps you keep track of your progress.  

Since we were out of town I did my long run tonight instead of Saturday.  Thank you to the random stranger that was working out next to me that said, "Wow!  You can run really long!"  If you've seen the Disney Movie Cars his voice reminded me of Mater's.

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