How to throw a Murder Mystery Party

Through my husbands work we have access to a pretty amazing space.  The darling Michelle from Twig Creative and I came up with a plan to host a blogging event at the location.  After many scrapped ideas we decided that a Murder Mystery themed night would be the perfect party.  We were so lucky to have amazing sponsors for the event.  The Sweet Tooth Fairy and The Crepe Co. provided food and Pak n Wrap provided paper products for the night.  Brickyard Buffalo provided swag bags for giveaways and the amazing Kiera Eve and Becky Earl captured the event perfectly with their photography.
{photo via Kiera Eve}
The photo above is a lineup of the suspects.  I'm just going to give it away and say the murderer definitely looks the most nervous.  
I was responsible for the murder mystery game part of the night.  Add some spooky details and decor and you have the perfect Halloween party!

Here are some of the details:

The only information the guests were given before the event was to dress up Gatsby/20's style.
When each guest arrived they were given an envelope.  Inside each envelope was a paper with a character name, a brief description of the character, and one action the character needed to perform by a certain time.  Once each guest knew their character's name they filled out a name tag and proceeded to mingle and eat with the other guests.  The actions each character was given consisted of telling one or more other characters a piece of information before 8:15.  Our victim for the night was an actress that mingled with the other guests.  At 8:15 she dramatically fell to the ground after having a drink.  Another actor played the detective that led the investigation.  After the victim was taken out of the room each character received a new envelope with their name on it.  Within the envelope was a paper that had three instructions.  
{Photo via Kiera Eve}
Each guest was given something to reveal if they were questioned, more information to give if they were pressured, and information for them to keep to themselves.

The guests were then given time to mingle and question each other.   Papers were passed around where each guest guessed who committed the murder and the motive.  All the suspects were read aloud and lined up.  The detective then went through the line and told everyone that wasn't the murderer they could sit down.  This left the murderer who was escorted away by the detective.  Such a fun night and to see more details and everyones amazing clothes for the night go here.

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