Friday Favorite and Healthy Monday

Today I'm combining my Friday Favorite with Healthy Monday!  After training for a half Marathon in April I stopped running.  Running for me is so mental that when some unexpected things came up in May I struggled to stick with it.  Throughout the summer I started walking, but my favorite way to exercise has always been classes.  They go by so quickly and I love the energy of working out in a group.  A friend of mine told me about Cardio Barre, a ballet based cardio exercise that would soon be opening near my home.  Just a little FYI, I am not a dancer and I may be the most unflexible person ever.  I went to my first class last month and I was hooked.  I love it!  They have free daycare, the instructors are amazing, and I have noticed so many good body changes.  It works out places I didn't even know could be worked out!  It might have motivated me enough to get back into running too!  Today they are running an AMAZING deal on Living Social if you live in Utah.  You can find the deal here on our Annelily Design Facebook page.

The cute Michelle from Twig Creative and I blogging at the barre.  Check back Monday for details on a murder mystery party Michelle and I collaborated on.

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