Healthy Monday: Running Essentials

Some of my running must haves:

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-->Small headphones and my iPhone with a running playlist are a must for me.  I have an arm holder similar to the Craft one pictured to hold your iPhone or iPod.  Mine has a clear plastic window in the middle though so I don't have to take the whole phone out to see the screen.
-->A friend told me about the Contigo Water Bottle and I am obsessed with it.  Favorite water bottle I have ever used.  Mine came in a three pack from Costco.  
-->Running shoes are so specific.  I have been loving my Nike Training 2 shoes.  They mold to your feet and are lightweight.
-->I have been wearing different colored light running shorts and they have been perfect for those hot indoor treadmill runs.
-->My last running must have are Bath Bombs.  I am not normally a bath girl, but after running for over an hour nothing sounds better than to soak in a soothing tub.  When I am running and I want to stop, I think about how nice it will be to take a bath after.  Are you running?  My love/hate relationship with it continues.  This week I am supposed to run 9 miles for my long run.

*Not a sponsored post.  Just things I love.

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