Peep S'mores with Twix Bars

Instead of Style Wednesday this week I'm sharing a super easy Easter treat.  Have you heard of Peep S'mores?  I decided to make them with a twist.  Here's what you'll need.
Supplies: Bunny Peep, two Twix mini bars, and two graham cracker squares.
 Step 1: Place bunny Peep on top of graham cracker.  Then place your two Twix mini bars on top of the bunny.
Step 2: Place graham cracker on top.
 Step 3: Place on microwavable plate and microwave until the Peep and Twix Bars are slightly melted.  About 7 seconds.  When you first start the microwave the Peep might expand and the top graham cracker will pop off.  If this happens stop the microwave, press the top back on, and start the microwave again.

It's a little messy, but sooo yummy!

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