Healthy Monday: Post Pregnancy Workout

Today is the first day of our new feature "Healthy Monday".  Healthy Monday will be about different things we're trying or loving to get healthy.  After being pregnant five times in the past eight years I'm always looking for ways to get back in shape.  I recently read this quote and have found it to be very true.

"It takes six months to get into shape and two weeks to get out of shape.  Once you know this you can stop being angry about other things in life and only be angry about this." -Rita Rudner

My favorite exercise for those loose stomach muscles after pregnancy is The Tracy Anderson Method Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD.  I love that I can do it at home, it's easy to follow, and stomach muscles that I didn't even know I had feel sore for days.  When I start this video it takes me a while to be able to get through the whole thing.  I'm not there yet.  I just do what I can and I've noticed a difference just in a few weeks.

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