DiY Thursday: Airhead Mail Valentine with Free Printable

Today our DiY is a yummy Valentine's craft made with Airheads.  Since I'm not a huge chocolate fan and I love candy, Airheads have always been one of my favorites.  
To make this little mailbox you will need a cutting board, sharp knife and/or scissors and the following Airhead flavors. 
 Two Cherry, one Pink Lemonade, and one White Mystery.  
Step 1: Take one Cherry Airhead and roll it like this.  Press the overlapping parts together with your finger.  If you want your airhead to be a little softer place it in the microwave for a second.

 Step 2: Unwrap the second cherry Airhead and place the folded cherry airhead on top of it.  Use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to cut a shape that will fit the back of the folded Cherry Airhead.
Step 3: Once you have your shape cut out place it in the back of the folded Airhead.  You are now finished with the Cherry Airhead.  Enjoy your leftovers and your ready for the next step.

For the next step you will need a sharp knife, cutting board and the White Mystery Airhead.
Step 4: Cut off the rounded end of the White Mystery Airhead and eat.  Cut out a strip from the White Mystery Airhead like the picture above.  This will be part of the flag for your mailbox.  The sides might be rough after you cut so just press down with your fingers to make each side smooth.
 Step 5: Now cut out a rectangle from the White Mystery Airhead. You'll want it to be able to fit in the Cherry Airhead mailbox you made.  Mine was just over an inch. wide by 3/4 of an inch.  Smooth the sides.
 Step 6: Cut a wide triangle out of the White Mystery Airhead.  Smooth sides. Place the triangle you just cut out on top of the rectangle.  It will look like an envelope.
 You are finished with the White Mystery Airhead and your pieces should look like the picture above.

Step 7: Unwrap the Pink Lemonade Airhead and using a knife cut out two small hearts.  Don't worry about them being perfectly shaped.  You can shape them and smooth the sides with your fingers after you cut them out. 

Place one heart on top of the white mailbox flag.

Place the other heart on top of the envelope.
 Step 8: Press the white mailbox flag on the side of the red mailbox.  If the flag seems too tall trim the bottom with a knife.

Step 9: Place the envelope inside the mailbox.  Now it is ready to package for that special someone.
Packaging supplies you will need: Baker's twine, short plastic cup, cupcake liner, one page of white card stock, hole punch, and cellophane wrap.
 Step 10: Place the cupcake liner in the cup and place the mailbox on top.  
 To customize your little Valentine we have included a free printable found here.  Print on white cardstock.  Each page has eight labels with a special Airhead Mail stamp.

Step 11: Cut out one of the tags around the pink border and fill in the name of who you want to give it to.

 Step 12: Punch a hole in the corner of the tag.  Wrap cellophane around the cup.  Thread baker's twine through the whole you punched in the tag and tie the twine.

Your Airhead Mail is finished and ready to deliver.
I entered this DiY in a contest vote for me here.


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