Pinterest Monday: Hot Chocolate Bar

Doesn't this hot chocolate bar look amazing.  There are so many hot chocolate bar ideas on Pinterest, but this one is my favorite.  If you are throwing any holiday get togethers this is a great way to warm your guests.  I did my own version of a hot chocolate bar last week.  Here's what I used.

I purchased silver buckets from the $1 bin at Target, the ramekins are from Crate and Barrel and the silver tray I used is also from Target.

The labels,
these baskets I used for straws,
 these cups,
and these lids I used are all from here.  Our neighbors recently showed us one of my favorite winter must haves.  It's called the Cocoa Latte Hot Chocolate Maker.  You just combine hot chocolate mix and water and it mixes it into hot chocolate at the perfect temperature.  It even froths it too.  Each one serves four cups so I used three for my 12 guests.

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