12 days of Christmas

Christmas is in 12 days and to celebrate we'll be having 12 days of posts.  

On the first day of Christmas you'll see brown paper packages tied up with string (or tulle).

Have you heard about wrapping your Christmas books and opening one each night to read?  This is my first year to try this.  Can't even remember where I heard about it first.  I purchased a huge brown roll of paper from Home Depot for about $9.  It's sturdier than butcher paper and I love the look of it.  Then I got all our Christmas books together and purchased a few more.  
Our collection of books is a mix of old ones that I grew up with like this one to new stories with modern characters.
If you don't have many Christmas books I have a friend that used library books.  We have been opening ours the entire month, but you could try it for 12 days or even just the week of.  I switched the books I usually display on our ledge shelves into a basket and placed all the wrapped books onto the shelves instead.

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