DiY Thursday

Love them.
The perfect accent for a boring wall in a bathroom.

Step 1:  Choose your paint color.  The bathroom we painted was a light gray.  We chose a dark gray #4402 from Martha Stewart in Eggshell.  
Step 2: Gather your other supplies.  Pencil, leveler, ruler, paint brush, paint tape, roller tray, 9 inch roller frame and 3/4 inch roller.
Step 3: Measure your wall to determine how wide you want each stripe to be.  The wall we painted was 94 inches tall.  I didn't want my stripes to all be the same width.  We measured the wall into 13 1/2  inch stripes and 10 inch stripes.  
Step 4:  Draw lines using a level and a pencil and place your tape.
Keep measuring down the wall until you have all your stripe lines drawn and taped.
Step 5: Use your paint brush to paint near the ceiling and the edges.
Step 6: Grab your roller and start filling in the stripes.  Before the paint dried it looked a little green.
When it dried it was the perfect gray.

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