DiY Thursday and Featured

Our spider DiY wreath was recently featured here on Babble.  It was chosen as one of 24 handmade Halloween wreath ideas on the web.
Today's DiY was made with some of the leftovers from the wreath.  
Spider Topiary

Step 1:  Purchase topiary form.
I have never made any type of topiary, but in the spring I purchased this with plans to glue jelly beans all over it.  That never happened so I've had a plain topiary hanging around my house for months.  I might be known for weekly runs to our local donation center and this topiary was about to go.  I decided to turn it into a Halloween topiary.

Step 2: Find a fabric you like and cut it into a square.
I had this fabric left over from last year.  You can use any Halloween fabric.  

You just need enough to fit over the topiary like this.  
Step 3: Place the topiary in a bucket.  
I had this miniature black cauldron from Walmart.
 Step 4: Use tulle, ribbon, or twine to wrap around the fabric.
It will look like this.
 Step 5: Trim the fabric to the length that you like.
 Step 6: Grab you glue gun and start gluing on spiders.  
I purchased these from Target.  They were leftover from my spider wreath.  
 Keep gluing until you have spiders crawling all over the topiary.


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