Wall of frames.

Frame groupings are a great way to fill up a large wall and display things you love.  My favorite place to purchase frames is Ikea.  Their frames are inexpensive and sturdy.  The inexpensive part helps you justify purchasing a lot of them.   You can have your frames match or do an eclectic mix.  
When the frames match the art and photos are the focal point.  Using different colors or finishes on frames makes them the emphasis instead.  

Lisa had almost finished her basement, but wanted help with what to put on the large wall above her sofa.  We went to Ikea and purchased tons of these frames in different sizes.
We started by arranging the frames in groupings on her floor to get the look she wanted.
A step that we skipped that I definitely recommend is cutting out paper to match the sizes of the frames.   Measure and place the paper on the wall arranged how you want the frames to be.  Poke a pencil point through the paper cutout where you want the nail to go.  For heavier items use a stud finder to find the studs where the nails will be placed.  We used picture hangers for each frame.  They help hold the weight of the frame better than just a nail would.

Love the frames with her wall color.  It's Brewster Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Lisa displayed photos and artwork from a trip she went on with her husband to Italy.  

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