DiY Thursday

Here is a simple DiY to display books.  It's easy and doesn't require much space.  

Step 1:Purchase as many photo ledge shelves as you need for your project.
I purchased three of these.
$9.99 each from here.

Step 2: Deciding where to hang the ledges.    I placed my ledges on a narrow wall in our loft area.  These ledges are just under 22 inches long.  If you have a larger wall you can place them side by side.

Step 3:  Hanging the photo ledges.  You will need a drill and stud finder to attach the ledges to your wall.  If you are placing shelves above each other make sure you leave enough room between them for your tallest books.

Step 4: Placing your books.  Since Halloween is just a month away I wanted to display all my Halloween books.  
The other books I'll want to display throughout the year I put in this basket from Target.

Then I can just switch them out when Halloween is over.  

I placed the basket behind my sectional downstairs so we can easily get to books downstairs and upstairs where the book ledges are.

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