DiY Thursday: Puppet Witch and Trick-or-treat bag Monster

A few easy Halloween DiY's to make with your kids, grandkids, or school classes.  I have loved getting e-mails from room moms who are using some of our Halloween ideas.  I'm all for using easy and inexpensive items for little projects.  The first DiY is a paper bag witch puppet.

Paper Bag Puppet Witch

Supplies:Black, green, white, and purple paper if you want a bow.

Paper straw (I used a stripe green and white one).

Brown paper bag (these are sold in bunches near the sandwich bags at most grocery stores).

Crayon or google eyes.

Scissors and glue.

Step 1:  Cut out a witch nose out of the green paper.  Then two circles out of the white paper.  A witch shaped hat out of the black paper and if you want a bow cut it out of the purple paper.

Step 2: Cut the straw down to the width of the hat.
Step 3:  Now you are ready to glue.  Glue the hat to the top of the flap.  Then glue the straw across the hat and a purple 
hair bow above it.  Glue the green nose just below the bottom of the hat and then glue the eyes on top of it.  Choose a color to color your eyes and witch will look like the picture below.

Trick or Treat Bag Monster

Supplies: You will need a colored gift bag with handle. ( I found a 12 pack of bright colors at Hobby Lobby for $5.99)

Paper: Black, white, and two different patterned or colored papers.  

Scissors and glue.

Step 1: Cut a large circle out of the white paper and a smaller circle out of the black paper.  Cut arms with hands out of one of the patterned papers.  Out of the other patterned paper cut teeth.

Step 2:  Glue the large white circle in the middle of the two bag handles and glue the black circle on top.
Glue the teeth a little below the eye.

 Step 3: Glue the arms to each side of the bag.    

Finished!  Some of the kids I did this with wanted to off center their eye and draw red lines on the white part of the eye too.

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