DiY Thursday: Striped Wreath

So it's September and my wreath I put up for the 4th of July was still on my door until yesterday!  I haven't been ready to put a Halloween wreath up yet so I came up with a wreath that would help me accept the reality that summer is almost over.  I went through a phase where I loved making yarn wreaths then I switched to making burlap wreaths and for this one I thought I would combine the two.  

 The Supplies: Straw wreath, burlap ribbon, and yarn.  I purchased all the supplies at Hobby Lobby.  These items are often 40 percent off.
 Step 1:  Unwrap the yarn.  I really love this yarn!  Soft and striped!
 Step 2: Keeping the straw wreath wrapped in plastic you'll want to wrap the yarn around the wreath  and tie it in a knot.    

 Once you have the yarn in a knot around the wreath you are ready for the next step.
 Step 3:  This step is the perfect time to watch a movie or catch up on your favorite show.  You want to wrap and wrap and keep wrapping the yarn around the wreath until the straw is completely covered.  I did this while finally watching the last episode of Downton Abbey Season 3.  I have been putting it off for so long.  
 Step 4:  Cut enough burlap ribbon to tie a large bow and wrap it around like the picture above.
  Step 5: Tie the burlap in a knot then a bow.
Step 6:  Cut the ends of the bow so they are even.

Step 7: Hang your wreath!  Depending on what type of hook you'll be hanging the wreath with you can opt to use ribbon or not.  I used some gray ribbon and you are done.


  1. This is so cute and it was great to meet you at the bloggers' night at Cardio Barre Quarry Bend!


  2. Thank you! Loved meeting you!