DiY Holiday Wreaths and our first GIVEAWAY!

DiY Christmas Wreath: Candy Cane
Step 1: Purchase a straw wreath from your favorite craft store.  You'll want to leave the plastic on.  You will also need one yard of red burlap cut into strips and a white fabric cut into strips.  I used a white canvas fabric.  

Step 2: You will need a glue gun for this step.  Wrap strips of red burlap with space between them a little smaller than the width of your white fabric.  The red burlap is a little see through so you will need to wrap it twice for each section.  Cut the red burlap after you've wrapped it twice and glue gun the end to the back of the wreath.  
 Step 3: Now do the same process with your white fabric.
 It will cover the frayed edges of the burlap and look like this.
Step 4: Find a placemat to put behind the wreath and cut it so the edges don't stick out.  I found this placemat at Crate and Barrel.  Target also has a red snowflake placemat that would work too. 
 Step 5: After cutting the placemat glue gun it to the back of the wreath.

 Step 6: Add embellishments.  I found a set of six snowflake felt coasters at Crate and Barrel and I glue gunned two of the red ones to a corner on the wreath.
 Step 6: Tie tulle and ribbons to the wreath and hang.

DiY Christmas Wreath: Winter White 
Step 1: For this wreath you will also need a straw wreath with the plastic still on.  I used 3/4 of a yard of white fabric cut into strips.  
Step 2: Wrap the white strips around the straw wreath.  Glue gun the end part to the back of the wreath.
 Step 3: Wrap white tulle around the entire wreath over the white fabric.
Step 4: Embellish with white snowflakes.  I found mine at Target and used white felt snowflakes from the six pack of snowflake coasters I found at Crate and Barrel.  Use glue gun to attach them.
 Step 5: Purchase snowflake placemat from Crate and Barrel.  Cut it down and glue to the back of wreath.
Step 6:  Cut ribbon and white tulle and wrap it around wreath to hang.  I found this ribbon at Hobby Lobby and I had to buy it.  I used it to add a pop of blue to my winter white wreath.
I'm going to put this one up in January.

DiY Christmas Wreath: Sparkle and Shine
Step 1: If you've been reading the rest of this post you won't be surprised that you'll need a straw wreath with the plastic on :).  Purchase a yard of green burlap and cut it into strips.
 Step 2: Wrap the strips around the wreath until it is covered.

 Step 3:  The package of felt coasters I purchased from Crate and Barrel also had two bright green snowflakes.  For all six of the snowflakes it cost around $6.00.  Glue gun them onto the wreath.
 Step 4: Take green sparkly tulle and wrap it around the entire wreath.  I did this after I attached the two felt  snowflake coasters, but If you want the tulle to fully cover everywhere I would do it first.
 Step 5: Layer on sparkly snowflakes.  I found mine at Target.  A four pack was $2.00.  Glue gun them on the wreath.
Step 6: Use ribbon and tulle to hang the wreath. 

Here it is our first...
Thanks for following and if you would like to purchase any of the above wreath styles e-mail us at for more information.


  1. These are so very cute!! Such great and inexpensive ways to brighten up your home. I love your blog! Thanks for these cute ideas!

  2. Pinned it! Can't wait to see what other stuff you guys come up with. I love that DIY is so chic right now.

  3. I am an official follower and LOVE your wreaths! Green is my favorite color too :) keep up the amazing ideas!

  4. Love your blog! LOVE the wreath! Looks easy enough even for me to make:)

  5. Love the wreath! And love your blog!

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