DiY Thursday

Calling this a DiY project is a little bit of a stretch.  There's really nothing to it.  

Step 1: Finding a crate.  There are a few different ways you can do this.  If you are lucky you can get wine crates from the wine store.   We have heard this is easier in major cities.  We aren't wine drinkers so we weren't sure about our local wine store.  The second option is to order on-line.  You can find all different types of crates on Etsy.  The third option is to try an antique store.  
We went to an antique/consignment store by our home and found this one.

Perfect.  Love the rustic look of it for fall.  Dirt, cobwebs and all.

Step 2: Find the perfect plants.  We chose inexpensive flowers with a fall color.  
Orange mums from Walmart.  

Step 3: Place an item under the flowers to give them height.  We used an old towel to help absorb the water  and keep the bottom dry.


  1. Love it! Wish I would have seen this before I planted my mums.

  2. Very cute! I will totally do this next year!