DiY Thursday

Our first DiY Thursday is so easy, a little trendy, and inexpensive.

Step 1:  Purchase this lovely doormat from your local Ikea.  It's under $5.

It's called Hessum and here is the info.

Step 2:  Use your favorite painters tape (I used Martha Stewarts patterning tape) and follow the lower line of the chevron pattern with it on the top and the top of the chevron line on the bottom.
It should look like this.  
Tape the sides too and you are ready for the next step, painting.
I chose a Martha Stewart Satin paint in a yellow shade called Jonquil.  
Step 3: Painting
Use different size sponge brushes mostly going up and down between the lines to distribute the paint.
Keep painting and reapplying until you have the look you want.  I wanted some of the natural to show through.  Let dry.  The mat may curl up a bit while drying.  Place cans on non-painted parts to keep it flat.  Once dry remove tape.
All finished :)

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